At I DO KNOT we offer bespoke planning and on-the-day coordination to our couples and take any challenge in our stride.  We pride in working as a team on each and every wedding and event we organise.   

Mauro is an expert event planner with over 15 years experience up his sleeves. His forte is creativity, so challenge him with any concept you envisage for your dream wedding and wait for a colourful range of options you would never think possible!

Petra is the listener and the eye for detail. She has been involved in tourism for almost 20 years, during which she has organised a number of bespoke itineraries and niche travel ideas. She is the main person managing the destination wedding department at I DO KNOT and will ensure that no detail goes unforeseen to make your big day a great success!

Erika is a recent addition with a number of years experience in the hospitality and event industry.  She is becoming Petra’s right hand providing assistance throughout the planning process and especially support on the wedding day.

Denise and Mauro V. assist Petite Events, the mother company specializing in corporate events, however their input on actual wedding day logistics are crucial to ensure the coordination of all vendors and the smooth running of a fantastic wedding experience!

Mauro Gasan

Erika Sargent

Petra Gasan

Mauro Vassallo

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